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chu' chut lulajpu'bogh jen Efficiency Lithium 'ul 'aplo'mey Hoch qaStaHvIS wa' Solar Street wov Launch yahua Lighting


HoS: 5w, 8w, 12w, 15w, 20w, 25w, 30w, 40w, 50w, 60w, 70w, 80w

Hoch qaStaHvIS wa' solar street wov, solar wov integrated

•easy installation poQ pagh wiring.

HoS solar beq: (jen efficiency Mono silicon solar cell).

Battery Segh: lithium 'ul 'aplo'mey (yIn poH +5-8 DIS).

HoS led: led chip(bridgelux from usa with high brightness).

tajvaj viewing: 120 °.

poH Huj pong jul: 6-7 rep (yap HoS boch).

poH Qap: rIn 12 rep.

Hat range vum: (° [taH) :-30°c~+60 ° [taH

Hat range color: (k): 3000 k-6500 k.

poH discharge: rIn 12 rep.

rIn protection Huj ghap discharge.

certificate: vaj ghap ce ghap rohs ghap ip65

poH led yIn: 50000 rep.

pat Warranty puj: 3 DIS.

solar bobcho' yIn poH: 25 DIS.

during jaj jul HoS bIDameH vaj 'ul 'ej 'oH neH ngevwI' jen reliable lithium-ionbattery pat SuD illumination DeSDu' DuHIvDI' pat. -3-4 jaj worth chach HoS.

Applications solar Lighting:

yoS Lighting.

lighting parking lot.


street lighting.


highway 'ej ramp lighting.

highway Roadway Lighting.

residential, Industrial, Commercial lighting.

solar Lighting

solar HoS led Street Lighting.

wov solar Parking lot.

solar Hung parking lot wov.

solar led Street lighting.

ropyaH qach Lighting.

ropyaH qach parking lot Lighting.

airport Lighting.

airfield Solar Perimeter Lighting.

airport Solar Perimeter Lighting.

below Hoch qaStaHvIS wa' lighting solar jInmol 2016.

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