200w led yoS Lighting road park garden Stadium

street lighing Features Dev outdoor: chep Hal yIn ghaHmo' extend 1. je be, qaStaHvIS Hoch aluminum 'ej latlh cool cham, pup 'ej nom taS led tuj dissipation, qay'. joH rop Say' 'ej, leH reduce 2. bIr mIw wIje'laHbe'chugh vaj tlhab vo' dust, bIQ chut lulajpu'bogh.

Product Details

street lighing Features Dev outdoor:

1. je be, qaStaHvIS Hoch aluminum latlh cool cham, pup 'ej nom taS led tuj dissipation, qay' 'ej ghaHmo' extend chep Hal yIn.

2. tlhab vo' dust, chut lulajpu'bogh bIQ, joH rop Say' 'ej, leH, yuQmeyDaq outdoor environment reduce.

3.ultra-lang tu'lu'bej chut lulajpu'bogh, ngeD storage 'ej leH.

4.high joH rop woDlu'chugh aluminum pel'aQ molding rItlh mIw, HoS corrosion resistance.

5. waterproof Protection patlh Sovbe'bogh rur ip66. IP67

6.high joH rop Hegh casting aluminum fin yub 'ej integration, durable, mup resistance.

7. modular DuH Dev multiple: 30w, 40w, 60w, 90w, 120w, 150w, 180w, 200w, DaH nobvam

Application led Street wov: Roadway, residential mIchHom, meyrI', jen mIw, park, urban road, parthway, garden wov etc

200w led yoS lighting road park garden stadium

input voltage

ac85v-265v ghap 50 hz



luminous efficiency


led Qeb

bridgelux ghap philips3030

color Temp.

2700-6500 k

ip rating


housing Hap 'u'

die-casting Aluminium



led Driver

meanwell zhihe pagh


3-5 DIS

lumen flux


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